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Tactical Ideas for Patent Attorneys

(Please note: this page is currently under construction, and so links are not currently live.)

This page, and the following links, are written for patent professionals. They do NOT constitute legal advice, and NOBODY should rely on any statements here.  Different cases have different constraints and goals, and the ideas set forth below do not purport to set forth any general guidelines nor standard of practice.

Many of the ideas here are commonplace, but some are not common at all.  Some of the ideas here are applicable to most patent cases, but some are applicable only to "star" cases where cost is not a concern, or to very limited types of cases.  Some of these ideas would be agreed with by most experienced U.S. patent attorneys, but many would not.

Provisional Application Practice
Elements of a Patent Application
How Many Claims?
IDS management
Refuting Obviousness
Restrictions and Species in the Predictable Arts
Defending against IPRX or 3PRX
Fact Evidence
Winning on Appeal
Petition Practice 

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