Groover & Associates, PLLC

Our firm has a distinctive philosophy: we are passionately committed to a technology-intensive and quality-oriented patent practice, in an atmosphere of constant learning and mutual respect. We are all trying to be the best patent professionals we can be, and that requires all of us to keep learning from each other: seniors from juniors as well as vice versa.

We have a great interest in hiring and keeping exceptional patent agents and attorneys. Our unusual practice environment will be interesting to people who love technology: a career at our firm requires nonstop rapid learning. Working with leading-edge technologists in a variety of leading-edge technologies means that all of us here often feel stupid, but that's the price of continual learning. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in software or electrical engineering or a related field, outstanding intellect, and an orientation toward technology rather than litigation. We will consider a wide variety of technically-related undergraduate degrees, for a bright candidate (with a PTO license) who has a deep understanding of circuit analysis, computer architecture, digital design, solid-state physics, and/or software engineering. We look for very high LSATs (at least mid-160s, and the higher the better).

Also, please note that we are always interested in friendly discussions with more experienced patent attorneys who fully share our practice philosophy.

We also try to keep the recruiting process non-bruising. Our firm is not a fit for everyone, nor is everyone a fit for us; but if we do not see a fit with us we will be glad to help suggest a better fit. Similarly, if one of our associates realizes that we are not the best fit, we welcome a chance to frankly discuss this; and we will be glad to help, if requested, in finding a graceful transition into a different situation which is a better fit. 

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