Groover & Associates, PLLC
About Us

We are a boutique patent law firm built on Robert Groover's deep experience in patent law. We help our clients handle present trouble and build future strength.

We have helped many clients solve Patent Office problems QUICKLY - e.g. defending a patent under attack in post-grant proceedings, getting a patent application to issue with good claims, or untangling procedural problems in the U.S. Patent Office.

Our Track Record:

* 35+ years in patent law representing a wide variety of high-tech and oilpatch companies
* Written 2000+ patent applications
* Worked on 100+ patent litigation and licensing matters
* Prosecuted 3000+ patent applications
* Experience and success in post-grant proceedings
* 70%+ success rate on appeals (even higher with oral arguments)
* 6+ years as in-house counsel
* Experienced deponent

What's Distinctive About Us?

* Deep knowledge and experience of Patent Office procedures
* Experienced strategist for high-value patent prosecution
* Track record with speeding up Patent Office Procedures
* High "batting average" on appeals

Our Goals:

* We try to get to the result the client needs QUICKLY - without damage to long-term values.

Our Specialties:

* Patent appeals, petitions, applications, prosecution, and reexaminations;
* Counselling startups;
* Patent portfolio assessment and management;
* Brokering patent properties;
* Trade secret definitions.

We compete on QUALITY rather than on price.

No charge for initial consultation.

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