Groover & Associates, PLLC
Obtaining Strong Patents

We strive to keep the quality of our patent applications at the highest possible level. We understand the complexities of patent litigation and enforcement and the legal scrutiny by which patents will be adjudicated upon enforcement. It is our core philosophy that the monetary value of a patent depends on a well crafted document, with emphasis on the claims, as well as the novelty of the inventions found in the patent applications. Our emphasis is to draft claims that are understandable by judges and juries and withstand litigation tactics designed to invalidate or limit the claims.

 We have rich experience in international filing. International filing can be tricky in terms of budget management, and local cultures.   We have extensive experience with foreign and international patent filing and prosecution. Our attorneys have been filing PCT applications since the 1980s, and have worked with local attorneys on patent filings and prosecution in the EPO, and in countries including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico, and various South American countries.

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