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Inter Partes Review

Inter partes reviews are so new (only having been implemented as of September 16, 2012) that few patent practitioners are well-equipped to address these proceedings.

We are defending patents in several inter partes review proceedings, and our first IPR cases appear to be progressing favorably. However, outcomes to date are unknown or cannot be disclosed. Our favorable experience defending patents in inter partes reexaminations, and our very extensive experience in appeals, prosecution, and other post-grant proceedings, suggest some likelihood that we can achieve favorable outcomes for our clients in IPR proceedings.

Our firm has undertaken an extensive review of critical decisions from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and we stand ready to apply these cases.

One of these crucial Board decisions, for example, is CBM2012-00003, which places strict limitations on redundant grounds which may be brought in a petition for inter partes review.

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