Groover & Associates, PLLC
Patent Application Filing

Our small firm has a rich depth of experience in filing patent applications. Robert Groover has filed well over one thousand (1000) patent applications as sole or joint author. The total count of applications which Mr. Groover has written or prosecuted is in the thousands.

Many patent professionals understand the importance of having a range of claims, but we believe that many other elements are also necessary to good patent application writing. For example, suggestion of many modifications and variations can be very helpful for properly broad interpretation, and to avoid the risk of having to rely on equivalents for enforcement. For another example, claims which can be interpreted accurately without resort to extrinsic evidence are less uncertain in Markman hearings.

We understand the complexities of patent litigation and enforcement and the legal scrutiny by which patents will be adjudicated upon enforcement.  It is our core philosophy that the monetary value of a patent depends on a well crafted document, with emphasis on the claims, as well as novelty of the inventions found in patent applications. Our emphasis is to draft claims understandable by judges and juries and withstand litigation tactics designed to invalidate or limit the claims.  The attorneys at Groover & Associates, PLLC, work closely with inventors to ensure accurate and complete disclosure of inventions and to craft understandable and complete claims.  We try to avoid losing scope unintentionally, and provide special treatment to cases identified as important.

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