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Cost Management

The payback from patent investment usually comes from a very small number of successful patents. Predicting which patent opportunities will be successful is not easy, and unlimited expenditure on patents is usually not an option; so patent filing usually requires a client to make some guesswork decisions on how to allocate spending.

We do not have access to a crystal ball, but we do try to give our clients the information they need to spend their money wisely. (In particular, we try to help our clients realize which choices are decisive, and when final decisions can be deferred.) We are accustomed to working with start-up business plans as well as the product life cycles of Fortune 1000 companies.

We offer customized fee structures for different client needs.  We strongly encourage China businesses, and offer special programs to satisfy our Chinese clients’ needs.

See also Gene Quinn's article on The Cost of Obtaining a Patent in the US.

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