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Changing Laws

Patent law has been changing very rapidly in recent years. Any competent lawyer keeps track of changes in his or her area of law, but we also try very hard to think about ways to exploit changes in the law for our clients' benefit. For example, we were among the leaders in exploiting: provisional application filings; the June 1995 cutoff on submarine patent filings; business method claims; software patenting; and PCT filings. Mr. Groover spoke on the practice implications of the AIPA legislation at the May 2000 meeting of the AIPLA (the national organization of intellectual property lawyers).

We work hard to keep current in patent law and regulations.

Good patent work should be able to withstand the legal challenges which will occur 10-20 years after filing.  We believe that attention to today's rapid changes in patent law is essential.  Many decisions finding noninfringement could have been averted if the specification had been drafted differently.

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